About us

We're transforming the e-commerce ecosystem

Who we are

Prior to Mayanalytics, our founder was an early employee at Thrasio, a major player in the Amazon ecosystem and the fastest US company to reach unicorn status, or $1 billion valuation. After leaving there, he linked up with our three other co-founders, all four friends from MIT for over a decade.

Our Expertise

We have put together a team sharing complementary skill-sets perfectly set to transform the current Amazon FBA space:

Data analysis, data engineering, digital advertising/marketing, supply chain, and, most importantly, over $200MM in operational Amazon FBA experience.

Where our roots are

The "Mayan" part of the company name comes from the founder's pride in his home country, Mexico, and his admiration for the Mayan Culture and their technological achievements. The other three co-founders also have Latino roots, we are proud of our backgrounds, and we want to celebrate at the forefront that this is a Latino-founded business. The "analytics" is in the company name to call out our core focus on leveraging the FULL POWER of data & creating the best platform for Amazon-FBA and e-commerce systems.

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