5 FBA Mistakes New Sellers Make—and How to Avoid Them
August 2, 2021
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Mayanalytics wants to set you up for success with your new entrepreneurial endeavor. Check out 5 FBA mistakes that new sellers make, and what you can do to avoid them.

Mis-Managed Product Launch

A successful new product launch involves a long list of critical factors that go beyond preparing a product listing and pushing your products live. Sellers will want to promote items on your social media platforms, organize discount codes and giveaways, and optimize your listing with top performing keywords to make sure the right buyers are coming across your items. 

Remember to always be proactive and do everything possible to get positive customer reviews which will increase your early sales.

Not Preparing for Tax Liabilities

Research sales tax obligations or consult a professional tax accountant to understand what you will owe in your specific state. Sellers should also learn proper bookkeeping to make sure all numbers are accurate come tax season.

Mismanaged Inventory

One of the key reasons that leads to a decrease in product ranking is lack of inventory. Amazon will not drive customers to your product if you are out of stock, or running low as it can create a negative product experience.

To avoid this, track your inventory levels multi-times a day and look into inventory management software to automate the tracking and re-ordering processes.

Requesting Positive Reviews

Did you know that asking for your family and friends to leave a positive review on your products is directly against Amazon’s policies? Amazon puts a lot of significance behind reviews and positive reviews early on in your store’s life will help lead you to future purchases.

To get the traction you need as an early seller, you can look into participating in the Amazon Vine program, where the most trusted reviewers are invited to share their opinions about your new or pre-released items. Be sure to check if you are eligible to become a Vine Selling Partner in order to be able to have these trusted reviewers evaluate your products.

Lack of product research

The top mistake that new sellers make is choosing products that they like. Not doing the research to understand what customers are looking for. If you try to sell a trending product, you’re going to be facing heavy competition from well established players.

Instead, try to identify a niche where you can be competitive on quality, price, or service.

Contact the Mayanalytics team today for help in avoiding these, along with all other new seller mistakes.

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