Mayanalytics Does Las Vegas Right: Key Learnings and Trends from Prosper Show 2021
July 28, 2021

Neon lights, bright colors, and excitement - what better place to connect with others around the future of Ecommerce than in Las Vegas?

This past July 13th to the 15th, for the first time, Mayanalytics attended the 2021 Prosper Show in Las Vegas. The Prosper Show (LINK) is an educational and networking conference for Amazon sellers looking to scale their businesses more efficiently. Mayanalytics attended with the intention of learning and sharing industry knowledge, as well as connecting with new customers or potential partners. This is the first post in a series of blogs about key takeaways from the Prosper Show.

Mayanalytics was represented at the Prosper Show 2021 by (left to right) Data Analyst Veronica Jardon Salas, CEO Ernesto Reza-Garduño, and COO Chris Compean.

Representing Mayanalytics were CEO Ernesto Reza-Garduño, COO Chris Compean, as well as Data Analyst Veronica Jardon Salas. Ernesto, on his first impression of walking into the conference, said, “Even though it was early in the morning, you could easily feel the excitement. There was a lot of conversation and collaboration. People seemed energized because of the conference and its activities.”

We all know that 2020 was a rough year, where like many other events, Prosper Show was canceled in 2020. However, according to a report released by Marketplace Pulse, 2020 was “the most successful year for sellers and brands that transact through them.” As you can imagine, this meant that there was a lot of built-up anticipation for Prosper Show 2021.

The Mayanalytics team enjoyed networking and interacting with other attendees - shout out to Matt Kobel from HumanCentric!

Here are several key takeaways from the event: 

  • Advertising using stereotypical advertising strategies on Amazon is getting expensive, and the most successful Amazon sellers are finding creative ways to drive traffic to their sites.
  • Walmart is becoming a relevant player in the Ecommerce world, especially due to Amazon’s recent inventory management and restrictions.
  • While engaging with other experts in the Ecommerce space during the event, the consensus seems to be that a healthy mix for advertising is 75% Sponsored Products (SP), Sponsored Brands (SB), and Sponsored Display (SD), 15% on Demand-Size Platform (DSP), and 10% on Google Search.

Mayanalytics already looks forward to attending Prosper 2022, where this show proved to be a valuable opportunity to connect with those passionate about the Ecommerce space. 

If you are an Amazon Seller, learn more about how Mayanalytics can optimize your business.

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