The Amazon Buy Box - What you need to know
July 7, 2021
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Amazon has developed so many features over the years meant to help both customers and sellers on their platform. The Buy Box is one of them. Looking to beat your competition and win this coveted space? Read through our guide here.

What is the Amazon Buy Box

If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, you have seen the Buy Box. The Amazon Buy Box is the stack of bright yellow and orange buttons on the right side of the product listing that read “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now”.

These buttons link to one seller for a given product, significantly increasing how much their product options stand out when shopping.

Why is the Buy Box so important

Around 75-80% of all Amazon sales are through the Buy Box. Keeping that statistic in mind, that means that a majority of customers will select products directly from the Buy Box and not shop around other offers.

The Buy Box is a sought after tool with a lot of competition from sellers since it leads to be a one stop shop for new customers. Want to learn how to win it? Check out the next section..

How to Win the Buy Box

The same factors that help to increase your product rank on Amazon are also going to directly impact how likely you are to win the Buy Box. These, along with a few others tips for eligibility, are listed below:

  1. Open a professional account - To become eligible for the Buy Box, the first step is to open up a professional business account
  2. Maintain inventory levels - To provide an impeccable customer experience, you’ll need to have the product available to fulfill orders. Ensuring accurate inventory levels is key in winning the Buy Box.
  3. Become an Amazon FBA seller - FBA sellers have a strong advantage when competing for the Buy Box. Products from these sellers are more appealing to both customers and Amazon as they are guaranteed to arrive quickly and safely from the Amazon fulfillment team.
  4. Positive seller ratings- Your personal seller rating is built with a few different factors in mind: customer feedback, customer response time, order cancellations, and more.
  5. Competitive pricing - Make sure you’re products are listed at a competitive price that will draw customers to your listing.

What to do if you don’t win the Buy Box

Keep optimizing your Amazon store to make sure your overall customer experience is exceptional. It’s important to remember that the seller who wins the Buy Box does change regularly, so maintaining your store over time gives you a competitive advantage.

The Buy Box isn’t a magic fix to getting a huge number of new sales, but it is a critical feature that can help grow the success of your store over time.

Want to win the Buy Box but keep losing to your competitors? Contact Mayanalytics today to chat with an expert.

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