Tips for Maximizing Amazon Marketing Spend
May 24, 2021
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When entering the world of Amazon selling, there are dozens of marketing strategies that you can implement to bring your products to the top. While it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of campaign implementation and optimization, the Mayanalytics team wanted to highlight three top strategies for maximizing Amazon marketing spend:

  • Utilize Sponsored Brands to build brand awareness
  • Leverage negative keywords to decrease wasted spending
  • Lean on long-tail keywords to rise above your competition

1. Utilize Sponsored Brands to build brand awareness

Sponsored Brands have become a common strategic tool for Amazon Sellers. These powerful ads have gained popularity due to their placement on the page. Appearing above the search results helps you to generate brand awareness and promote new products.

This should be used for top-of-the-funnel advertising. Sellers can build brand awareness by incorporating a custom logo, headline, and ASINs. Sellers should also leverage Sponsored Brands to drive customers to their online storefront and products page.

2. Leverage negative keywords to decrease wasted spending

When you stop driving traffic to your products on keywords that don’t convert, you will have more money to spend on top converting keywords. Typically, negative keywords are too general and too short. Customers ready to make a purchase are going to be searching for something much more specifically targeted with a long-tail keyword.

How do you reduce ad spend on negative keywords? A quick tip is to use the Customer Search Term Report -> filter for “spend” -> and see which keywords have zero sales. You’ll want to add these terms to your negative keywords category.

3. Lean on long-tail keywords to rise above your competition

A long-tail keyword strategy is especially helpful when selling in a competitive niche. The cost-per-click is generally lower as there’s less competition than when you’re bidding on short and generic keywords. You may not see as many impressions, but your ACoS will be much better.

When looking at this strategy long-term, the improved conversion rate and product sales will naturally improve your product’s organic ranking.When your organic ranking improves, it allows you to become more competitive when bidding on more competitive campaign keywords.

How do you build a long-tail strategy? We recommend utilizing a careful automatic campaign to understand what customers are searching for. You can also utilize keyword research tools to help your research.

Looking for a tool that will achieve your Amazon advertising goals? Check out Mayanalytics’ solutions and chat with a member of our team to see how we can best support your business.

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