What to Look for in the Best Amazon FBA Courses
July 18, 2021
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Many new Amazon sellers look towards additional education to give them the skills they need to successfully launch into the e-commerce world. Before choosing a course, it’s important to understand exactly what is being brought to the table, and what the value will be to you and your store.

Make sure the course fits your budget

Seeking the help of an Amazon subject matter expert will always come at a price, but make sure you’re shopping around for the best fit for your current budget. The course should cover all of the information you’re looking to learn, but should leave you with enough money to launch your business after!

Look for realistic examples in the course load

True Amazon experts will be able to provide you with applicable examples and demonstrations you can replicate in the real world. Make sure you can get a preview of the course syllabus prior to signing up, and reach out to the teacher or coach directly!

Find out if it offers a community of support

There are 3 major ways to continue expanding on your Amazon seller knowledge: 1) sign up for additional courses, 2) experiment with new tactics and strategies in your store to better understand what works, and 3) join a seller community to surround yourself with like-minded peers. Some courses will come with an invitation to this type of community or network, so this is an added long term perk when signing up.

Information should be up to date

Amazon changes their rules and algorithms. The e-commerce world is constantly updating trends. Make sure that whatever course you purchase is continuously updated with the most recent and up-to-date information.

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