Easy steps to achieve your brand goals
Our platform serves you throughout your whole Amazon seller journey.
Launch | Optimize | Grow | Exit

The way IT works

Our platform is built to align with your
Business objectives at all stages

Step 1


The moment you connect, our platform begins to analyze your brand, spotting areas of opportunity in:

Inventory Management
Product Refinement
Product Expansion
Listing Optimization

Step 2


Once it has homed-in on areas of opportunity, our automations kick off and begin deploying tactics to help drive:

Increased Sales
Effective Advertising
Inventory Performance
Operational Simplicity

Step 3


SMART MONEY for accelerated brand growth. Choose the option that is right for you and your brand - then we do the work by deploying it across:

Inventory Reordering
Product Expansion

Step 4

EXIT Strategy

All that hard work comes at a price - that you define! If selling the business ever comes to mind, our platform helps optimize your brand for:

Rapid Exit
Maximum Value
Operational Simplicity

Step 5


Our platform does the heavy-lifting in finding exit partners that align with you, and your vision for the brand beyond your ownership.

We know it's not just about the dollars on that check!

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